• Brand: HEM
  • Product code: 8901810110830
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Fragrance: Frankincense 

Pack Weight: +/- 40 g

Box Content: 12 Packs (price listed)

Box Weight: +/- 560 g

Master-carton Content: 24 Boxes (288 Packs)

Master-carton Weight: +/- 14,5 kg

Master-carton Dimensions (cm): 34 x 64 x 42

Made in India

During the early search for perfumes, ancient civilizations discovered resins. They are derived from the bark of trees, when burning they release an intense but pleasant woody aroma, which encompasses the entire space around. Today, resins are mostly associated with religious ceremonies held in sacred places.

Use: Place the charcoal tablet in a sand container and light it. Ventilate or blow the tablet slowly. After the coal starts to rot and stop cracking, place resin incense on its surface. Place the resin on the coal with pliers or tweezers. Set aside enough time to enjoy the ritual burning of incense.

Note: When choosing the location of the embers, make sure that there are no flammable objects nearby.