1. We deal exclusively with WHOLESALE, therefore only trading companies can buy from us and only after successful registration on our website  www.indimex.sk

Product prices will be visible only after successful registration.
MINIMUM purchase value is 100 EUR without VAT.

2. The goods can be selected by browsing the catalog in our e-shop www.indimex.sk and placing them in the "shopping basket".

TELEPHONE SUPPORT is also available on weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on tel. number +421 910 439 647.

3. After receiving your order, we will process it and gradually send confirmation of receipt to your e-mail, followed by the status of the equipment. We will agree the details of the order and the estimated date of delivery of the goods with you by phone or, if necessary, we will send you additional information by e-mail.

4. Delivery of the confirmation of receipt of the order for processing does not mean the conclusion of the purchase contract. After receiving the order, the availability of the goods is verified by the seller. In the event that some goods are not available, we will contact you by phone or in writing, and based on a mutual agreement, the order will be modified.

At the same time, we reserve the right to adjust the price in real time depending on the production batch and current shipping costs. In practice, this may mean the application of a blanket discount to all already ordered products in the case of a seasonal promotion or an increase the price of goods due to an increase in total costs. We will inform you about a significant price adjustment by phone or by e-mail before completing the order.

In the case of an order for which you choose delivery by our contracted carriers, the TRANSPORTATION PRICE will be specified only after the order has been confirmed and closed, as its amount depends on the weight of the shipment and the form of payment.

The contract for the purchase of goods (PURCHASE AGREEMENT) between the buyer and the seller is considered concluded if the seller accepts the original order or if the buyer accepts any modifications proposed by the seller. The final agreement can take place in writing (by e-mail) or by telephone as needed. Information that the goods are ready for personal collection or that they have been shipped by our carrier is usually sent by e-mail (unless otherwise agreed).

5. In the case of CASH ON DELIVERY, the tax receipt for the purchase will be part of the physical shipment.

If you choose the form of payment for your purchase "TRANSFER TO BANK ACCOUNT" even before sending the shipment, we will send you the invoice details of such payment in writing to your e-mail.

Every purchase in our company with a total value of 100 to 300 EUR without VAT, connected with a transport request, is sent automatically by "cash on delivery" - "payment to a bank account" is not possible. We offer this form of payment from the amount of EUR 300 without VAT and above.

The goods are considered DELIVERED at the moment when the buyer or a person authorized by him receives all the components of the shipment from our carrier or picks it up personally at our premises.